Carlos Mayo

Graphic Design & Web Development

Selected Projects

Arland Project

Arland Project breaks through boundaries to make individual pieces of art. It has been created to proclaim itself as the new element in the void. Logotype, brand system, website development and e-commerce. Creative direction by Aitor Baigorri, visual content by The Kids Are Right, typeface by Dinamo, 2021. Visit website

The Hemp Route

Drawing a circular map as a whole and fragment it by months, the calendar explores the complexities of collaboration; an ode to friendship, to future. Calendar/fanzine design for Hemper, photography by Adriana Roslin, 2021. Buy here

Gabriel Alonso

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In his works, through various formats such as installation, sculpture, photography or video, he investigates contemporary relationships between aesthetics, science and postnature. Website design and development, 2020. Visit website

Pedro Ajo

Pedro Ajo is a half Spanish, half Brazilian graphic designer, who combines his job at Studio Dumbar with the development of freelance and self–initiated projects. Website development, design by Pedro Ajo, 2020. Visit website

Hemper ☀ Made in NEPAL Hemper

Hemper is the story of a journey. A story about culture, craft and impact. Logotype, icon, brand system, website development and e–commerce, 2020. Visit website (Current version updated by APN)

Architekt Unknown AU

Premium essential clothing brand focused on creating one simple uniform for everyday wear. Website development and e–commerce, design by MF9TM, 2020. Visit Website


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Collaborative project by Paloma de Casso, Sylvia Perez and Lucía Gómez Meca that emerged out of the global spread of Covid–19. Covid 2020 World Tour poster and letterings, 2020. View project

WiseType Foundry

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Independent digital type foundry supplying a wide range of original typefaces. Website development and e–commerce, design by Jacob Wise, 2020. Visit website

Sara Cristina NY

Detailed craftsmanship and refined silhouettes with a timeless soul. Website development and e–commerce, design by Carter Studio, 2020. Visit website

March 2004 March2004

A platform for collaborative publications and events based in the United States and Ukraine. Kerosene playlist artwork, 2020. Listen here

Les Fichiers Photographiques LFPShop

A platform to sell books focused on independent photographers’ work and limited edition products. Website development and e–commerce, design by Plus Mûrs, 2019. Visit website


Issue 04, concept Closure.
Personal project with Pedro Ajo, 2019.


Design furniture and manufacturing studio based in Madrid which aim is to recover the values of durability, sustainability and customized production. Brand identity, custom typeface, website development and e–commerce, 2019. Visit website

Design Market Barcelona DMB

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N–E commissioned 6 designers to create a poster for the Design Market Barcelona visual identity, organised by FAD. Poster design and custom typeface, 2019. Read article


Magazine for electronic music on and beyond the dancefloor. Website development, design by Tiago Biscaia, 2019. Visit website


Platform for the distribution of curated goods made by independent brands. With a multidisciplinary approach, selling designed objects from a wide range of fields and arts. Identity, website design, development and e–commerce, 2019. Off-line


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Limited edition of merchandising products for the launching of the project. Merchandising design and production, 2019. Sold Out

Heaps & Woods

Creative studio offering interior design service and custom projects between Indonesia and Barcelona. Website development, design by Carter Studio, 2019. Off-line

After Nature

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Cycle of projections of short films at CBA about the post–nature concept, understanding it like a political subject and a place for conflict and negotiation. Digital posters, 2019.


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The project is conceived as a free, limitless playground for design experimentation under a different concept in each issue.
Issue 01, concept Experiment.
Personal project with Pedro Ajo, 2019. View project

The Oldhaus

Online–only contemporary gallery founded in Barcelona specialized in limited and exclusive collections of art, design and pottery. Website at Naranjo–Etxeberria, 2018 (ADG Gold LAUS 2018). Visit website


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Spanish Design Through Photography is a book published by La Fábrica that collects Spanish Fashion icons with the best international photographers such as Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Peter Lindbergh among others. Photobook at Naranjo–Etxeberria, 2018.

Temps de Vacances

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Independent printed contemporary art publication edited and created by Adrian López and N–E. The second volume Les Choses showcases emerging and renowned artists from a variety of different branches with the aim to create a critical talk on contemporary art, culture and theory. Magazine at Naranjo–Etxeberria, 2018. Buy here

Paloma Cañizares Office PCO

International practice that operates within the fields of architecture, interior design, product editing and trend consultancy. Website development at Naranjo–Etxeberria, 2018. Visit website


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Creative lab and a craft factory where the process and the care of every detail are always present. Identity, brand language, typeface and website at Naranjo–Etxeberria, 2018. Visit website

Terminal Station

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The first book of Jose Antonio Carrera, a photographer who captured the passage of time in Grand Central Terminal Station in New York during different periods between 2011–2014. Terminal Station is not just a photobook, it is a book about time in all its shapes. Photobook at Naranjo–Etxeberria, 2017.


Madrid–based brand selection of streetwear staples and cut & sewn pieces reunited under a common idea in every collection. No seasons, no calendar, no rules. Brand language, website development and e–commerce with Pedro Ajo, 2017. Off-line


199x music promoter and online music magazine based in Madrid with a very powerful approach led by digital natives. Kinetic identity at Naranjo–Etxeberria, 2016 (ADG Silver LAUS 2017). Sound On


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Visual exploration about the democratization of graphic design, created by using ignorant aesthetics and the appropriation of advertising language. Fanzine with Pedro Ajo and Miguel Catto, 2016.
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17th of September, 2021